How Others Have Quit Smoking

Without Feeling Scared, Nervous, Or All Alone

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Webinar Host David "the quitter" Ross

Hi ... I'm David Ross, also known as "the quitter".  It wasn't always that way. For twenty-plus years, I struggled with an addiction to smoking and nicotine, and for twenty-five years I battled another addiction to alcohol.

As the creator of the Quit Smoking Blueprint, which is a road map to quitting that identifies one's specific triggers then customizes a quitting action plan based on your behavior and the behavior of those around you, I invite you to join me on the upcoming FREE* training.

You'll discover...


  1. How to quit smoking now without feeling scared, nervous, or all alone.
  2. How to gain an unfair advantage over cigarettes and their hold on you.
  3. A proven system for putting cigarettes in your past; removing all guess work!
  4. How to connect with other quitters (current and past) so you can get the support you need!
  5. The 8 steps to quitting that have worked (repeatedly) for people who used to smoke for 10, 20, 30, even 40+ years!
  6. The 5 W's that trigger cravings you can IDENTIFY and AVOID; allowing you to get started quitting immediately.
  7. The 3 groups of people in your daily life who you can lean on for support (and ... those to stay away from, while quitting).
  8. How you can transform from a person looking for inspiration to one who inspires others! 
  9. And, much, much more ...

All of this will be delivered in an upbeat, fun presentation that will inspire you to take action and begin your quitting journey, sooner rather than later. 


 You will soon see why so many people are joining the I Finally Quit movement.